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GeoBitmine emerges where Idaho’s pioneering spirit meets the future of IT and Ag-Tech. Originating from the heart of our state’s farming capital, we are driven to revolutionize sustainable food growth and water preservation through cutting-edge technology. Our innovative solution to repurpose waste energy from data centers fuels our hydroponic greenhouses, setting new sustainability standards.

At the core of our operation is a diverse team of women, US military veterans, and minority group members, embodying our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We’re dedicated to creating 100% carbon-free High-Performance Computing (HPC) Data Centers and Hydroponic Greenhouses, offering high-paying jobs and paving the way for a greener future locally and worldwide.

Join our journey to merge tradition with innovation, fostering a sustainable legacy for Idaho and beyond. GeoBitmine isn’t just about advancing data and agriculture—we’re nurturing hope for a brighter future.

Welcome to GeoBitmine

Where innovation meets sustainability across our facilities

By integrating net-zero HPC Data Centers with advanced hydroponic greenhouses, we forge ecosystems that recycle data center waste heat to boost agriculture, significantly reducing water use by 99% compared to conventional farming.

This approach exemplifies our commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation, creating jobs, enhancing food security, and driving economic growth. Delve into GeoBitmine, where sophisticated technology and precision agriculture converge to advance food production sustainability.

Industries We Cater To

Hydroponic Greenhouses

  • Save up to 90% more water than traditional farming.
  • Enable year-round production, regardless of weather.
  • Reduce pests and diseases, minimizing pesticide use.
  • Operable in non-arable areas, including urban settings.
  • Scalable from small to large-scale operations.

Our Waste Heat Technology

  • Innovatively captures and repurposes waste heat from HPC Data Centers.
  • Drastically cuts energy costs, making operations more sustainable and profitable.
  • Contributes to a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of high-performance computing.
  • Powers hydroponic greenhouses, merging tech and agriculture for local food production.
  • Embodies a cutting-edge approach to dual-purpose energy use, setting new industry standards.

Demand Response for the Community

  • Balances local energy supply and demand, enhancing grid stability and efficiency.
  • Lowers community-wide energy costs by reducing peak demand charges.
  • Encourages sustainable energy consumption patterns among residents.
  • Facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources, promoting environmental stewardship.
  • Strengthens community resilience against power outages and energy shortages.

Certified Organic, Herbicide and Pesticide-Free

  • Guarantees produce is grown without synthetic herbicides or pesticides, ensuring top health and safety standards.
  • Holds certification from recognized organic bodies, providing consumer trust and transparency.
  • Supports ecosystem health by preserving soil, water, and biodiversity.
  • Meets stringent organic farming regulations, reflecting a commitment to environmental and human health.
  • Appeals to health-conscious consumers, tapping into the growing organic market demand.




Reduce water use by


Sustainable natural gas


Net zero carbon emissions

2 Weeks
on Shelves

Local food sustainability


Recover up to 97% of waste heat


Faster ROI


Reduce electricity bill by recycling waste heat!


Reduce heat on servers


Up to 100% renewables


Curtailment within milliseconds


Lower electricity costs


Give energy back to the community during peak demand



The GeoBitmine is a modular containerized data center able to recover 97% of its waste heat emitted by super optimal thermal efficiency, energy curtailment capabilities, and optimal environment for computing to longer their lifespan and benefit the environment by being 100% carbon-free.


Our technology is the modern green alternative to an electrical boiler that has multiple additional revenue streams.

The adaptability to movements in energy prices and the diversification of revenues provide unparalleled advantages to legacy alternatives.


We invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we can make a difference.


A 4-Step Journey To Sustainability

Embrace the Future

Where Technology Meets Sustainability

Locally grown; farm to table for less.

Create high-paying jobs, year-round.

Boost economy with multiple verticals.


Krysta Aten-Schell

Chief Creative Officer
Licensed Architect

Matt Diamond

Chief Financial Officer

Jay Jorgensen


Tommy Jorgensen

General Manager

Aaron Symbolik

Chief Revenue Officer

Key Advisors

Kenny Wilkins

Dominion energy

Mark Oliver

Founder and CEO Presage Technologies

Carbon saved from not tilling fields:

  • Approximately 220 lbs. of CO2 are released per acre of field tilled. 65 acres of conventional farmland are required to grow the equivalent of a three-acre greenhouse.

Total CO2 savings: 14,300 lbs./year

Carbon saved from not operating fuel-powered machinery on farm:

  • Approximately 650 gallons of diesel are burned by operating machinery on a 65-acre farm.
  • Each gallon of diesel releases 22.45lbs of CO2.

4,592.50 lbs./year

Carbon saved from not using natural gas to heat the greenhouse:

  • 150,000 cubic feet of natural gas are required to heat a 3-acre greenhouse in Idaho.
  • Burning a cubic foot of natural gas releases approximately 0.267 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Total CO2 savings: 40,050 lbs./year

Carbon saved from not operating fuel-powered machinery on farm:

  • Approximately 650 gallons of diesel are burned by operating machinery on a 65-acre farm.
  • Each gallon of diesel releases 22.45lbs of CO2.

4,592.50 lbs./year

Total annual CO2 reduction:  100,098 lbs/year

A mature tree can absorb approximately 48 lbs. of CO2 per year. This project would achieve CO2 savings equivalent to planting 2,085 trees.

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Discover sustainable growth with GeoBitmine’s innovative solution, merging Data Centers’ waste heat with hydroponic greenhouses. Our eco-friendly model not only supports scalable technology adoption, but also delivers fresh produce directly to restaurants and local markets. Ideal for food industry leaders and visionary policymakers, we’re ready to explore partnership opportunities and bring this groundbreaking technology to your region.

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