The GeoBimtine Team

Jay Jorgensen

Jay Jorgensen – Founder & CEO

Jay has an extensive background in global project management with multiple Fortune 100 companies. With experience in the cyber security market, he has a vast understanding of Zero Trust Architecture and End Point Management.
Jay was an early adopter of Cryptocurrency. He understood the market trends and their behaviors. This passion led Jay to start a Bitcoin Operation. While researching, he discovered what was another case of ‘the Rich getting Richer.’ The cost of entry to start mining Bitcoin was far to high for any regular person to competitively enter.
If a middle-class guy, like Jay, wanted to start mining, there had to be an edge different from everyone else. ‘The Solutions are often found in the Problem.’ Jay wanted to change the narrative of Bitcoin Mining in being a massive consumer of energy resources and still maintain profitability. This is where GeoBitmine was born.
“Einstein E=mc2. The secret the equation revealed—that mass and energy are different forms of the same thing—had eluded scientists for centuries.”
With this famous equation in mind, Jay discovered that the existing model of mining Bitcoin was upside down. While aiming to flip the model, Jay was Invited to Dubai as a leader in innovation to speak in front of some of the world’s brightest leaders in A.I., Tech, Philanthropy, and Royalty. With hopes that the world could see his vision and help to serve people first, he was awestruck and humbled to be received so well.
With a goal of preservation while maintaining profitability, GeoBitmine launches mining sites Globally and hope to soon be the world’s leader in energy stabilization and Bitcoin Mining.
Energy cannot be created or eliminated, it’s simply transferred from one form to another.
This law is where Geobitmine set out to be the energy stabilizing model that exists today. Things are just getting started. The prefix “Geo” thermal is in the name GeoBitmine with conscious effort and GeoBitmine will be revolutionary with our patent pending model for mining!
“Where Innovation And Disruption Meets Profitability”
Jay Jorgensen

Krysta Aten-Schell

Krysta Aten-Schell – Partner and Chief Architect and Creative Officer.

Krysta was born and raised in Idaho Falls where she grew up with GeoBitmine CEO, Jay Jorgensen. Krysta graduated summa cum laude from the University of Idaho, in 2008, with her bachelor’s degree in Architecture. She has spent the last 14 years building her career in upstate New York and just recently moved back to Idaho in June 2021 with her husband Cory and their daughter, Kaylin, to be closer to family.
Krysta is passionate about responsible, sustainable, and healthy design projects. She is a member of the US Green Building Council and is accredited to design LEED projects (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) and also WELL Buildings which focus on ten key aspects of human health in the built environment.
As Chief Creative Officer, Krysta brings years of design expertise and project management experience to the GeoBitmine team. From project conception to property acquisition and through construction, she knows what it takes to get things done. Krysta dove into the world of crypto when an article about bitcoin and NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) designed by fellow architects piqued her interest in the potential of virtual currency and the value of virtual environments.
In her personal life, Krysta enjoys getting outdoors with her husband and daughter and exploring the Idaho backcountry on their side-by-side. Krysta is an avid reader and digital artist, she is passionate about gardening, canning, and preserving her own food. She also plays the violin.

Tommy Jorgensen
Tommy Jorgensen – Partner & Vice President

Tommy Jorgensen, is currently VP of Site Acquisitions. Tommy works with both State and Federal agencies for Grants and Incentives to help offset costs for investors and GeoBitmine. He also works closely with state, county, and city officials and works to make sure zoning and overall facilities are in line with laws and regulations.
Tommy has previously had 18 years in Banking most of which held a Vice President title. His roles included Commercial Lending, Residential Lending, and Business Banking. Held roles on various Non-Profit Boards such as Jesse Tree, IRC, and other non-profit organizations. Most recently Tommy is a Mortgage Lender with Fairway Independent Mortgage.
He has a fun and outgoing large family constantly seeking exciting adventures that create lifelong memories. He wants to help create a more efficient and sustainable Ag-Tech industry that will change the world. This work has become his passion and knows that the world can greatly benefit from GeoBitmine.

Kenny Wilkins
Kenny Wilkins – Energy Grid Advisor 

Kenny Wilkins entered the energy industry while still serving in the United States Marine Corps almost 36 years ago. His career and responsibilities grew rapidly as his acumen for the industry grew. He has held multiple leadership positions throughout his career while helping to transform the energy sector.
From leading multiple regions to heading up the Military District of Washington, Kenny Wilkins has shown an insight of the industry while displaying a foresight for the next innovation on the horizon.
In one assignment he was tasked with representing, not only the energy sector but the whole private sector to the federal government during disasters, this included updating the President of the United States of America.
Kenny has demonstrated his ability to communicate at all levels from C-suite to blue collar effectively. Kenny received his Master of Business Administration Degree in Organizational Psychology and Development and his Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management from American Intercontinental University. Kenny resides in Alexandria Virginia and Daytona Beach Florida.

Mark Oliver – Business Advisor

Mark Oliver is the founder and CEO of Presage Security, Inc., a venture-backed startup based in Reston, VA. Presage specializes in cutting-edge video analytics and efficient video processing to solve unique problems in the security, intelligence, and health markets.
Mark left the Central Intelligence Agency in June 2020 as a GS-15 Operations Officer and worked on the Intelligence Working Group for the Biden Presidential Campaign. Mark is originally from Idaho Falls, ID, and graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA, in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics; from Virginia Tech in 2011 with a Master of Arts in Political Science with a focus in Quantitative Political Analysis; and he is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Applied and Computational Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University.
Mark is married to Kimberly Oliver, and they live in Sterling, VA with their four children: Owen (10), Keira (8), Jack (6), and Wyatt (3). Mark speaks Romanian.