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GEO sets in motion Partnerships Directly with US Energy Companies… Smart Grid Bitcoin Mining?

By July 25, 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments

GEO sets in motion Partnerships Directly with US Energy Companies… Smart Grid Bitcoin Mining?


What possibilities could the Landscape look like if Bitcoin became the source of energy, rather than the source that drains all energy!?

What a profound statement! When Bitcoin has a bad reputation for draining energy grids, and China has recently banned all Crypto Currency and Mining, why would that even be a logical idea?

GEO has come up with a proprietary patent-pending process that flips the entire grid model right-side-up. While I will not share any of that information until we are fully funded and up and running, I still want to talk about the future of smart grids.

It doesn’t take a genius, and it is only a matter of time before everyone starts to implement this “model,” but let’s dive into the current landscape for Energy Companies as we know them today.

Energy is generated by various methods such as fossil fuels, nuclear, biomass, geothermal, and solar thermal energy. Once this energy is produced, it takes on a life of continuous motion as Julius Robert Mayer law states… Energy Must Remain Constant… therefore, once power is transformed from one form to another, or in this case, electricity, it must always be in motion.

That energy generation is then sent to substations; think of it like this, the electricity generated is like cars going through a roundabout with multiple exit pathways around the circle; that roundabout is a substation. Once the energy is re-directed to take different routes or exits, those will go to power lines, usually, the big massive ones you see going across fields, mountains, or even parallel to the highway. Lastly, the electricity is distributed to the necessary cities, buildings, commercial centers, and homes.

This power-generating process has essentially remained the same since electricity was invented. In fact, over 75% of the existing energy structure in America today is over 30 years old. It doesn’t take an electrical engineer to know that many problems can occur within all of it. Issues like line loss, load shedding, forecasting, peak and off-peak hours… all of this is a rolling equation that is hard to get accurate on any given day across the country.

That’s why there are grids. Think of these grids like a giant Costco Gas Station to supplement any energy needs not appropriately forecasted but in a stock market fashion. The gas line to fill up with gas gets backed up further and further. Each car passing through to fill up has to negotiate with the pump how much they are willing to pay for gallon, the transaction takes place, and the same process continues. As you can imagine within your mind’s eye, this doesn’t seem like a very “smart” way of using electricity, OH, and remember when we discussed energy must be in a constant flow? If that energy is unused (a slow day for Costco Gas Line), then most of it is wasted, which in business terms is a net loss of income, and in Eco-Friendly terms is an unnecessary carbon footprint.

GEO has a pending patent way to help improve this model. COMING SOON!