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Growing Food using Bitcoin Mining

Updated: Jun 22

Reducing Carbon Emissions, growing food, and creating jobs using the patent pending model developed for Greenhouse growing.

At GeoBitmine, we have developed a world-changing, patent-pending model using a geo-thermal heating process to be utilized in greenhouses across the world, drastically cutting energy costs to farmers and the agricultural industry, as a whole.

The negative energy effects of Bitcoin mining has come to light in recent months, to good measure. At GeoBitmine, we are committed to fighting back against poor energy consumption practices.

According to The United states department of Agriculture, In 2016, the agricultural sector consumed 1,872 trillion Btu of energy, accounting for about 1.9 percent of total U.S. primary energy consumption.



To combat this energy detriment, most mining companies are using coal or non-environmentally friendly power solutions. The existing model has miners purchasing massive amounts of energy from the existing grids through brokers in deregulated states. This model inevitably leaves grids short of energy during peak hours or in the case of natural disasters as recently seen in Texas at the beginning of 2021, can leave homes without the ability to heat or cool. At this rate, the USA will follow China and suck the country dry of energy, potentially forcing regulators to change where or how they get their power.

The Bitcoin Mining Industry and the Agricultural industry have problems that can be both be fixed by combining efforts.

“Plant irrigation in greenhouse, please see also my other images of greenhouses, plants and flowers in my lightbox:”

Through partnering directly with leading Energy Providers GLOBALLY, we directly bypass the grid while using Renewable Energy Sources. The heat generated by the Bitcoin Mining pods placed near the greenhouse property will be harnessed and used to heat that greenhouse, thus eliminating the need for traditional heating methods, year round. This model will cause a chain reaction, in which the energy the agricultural industry consumes can effectively go to ZERO, globally. That energy is rerouted into Bitcoin Mining, saving the US energy sector over 1.8 TRILLION Btu of energy annually.

Models Currently Being Tested

Our patent pending model is currently being tested in the United States. If you are a grower or would like to speak more to our team about bringing energy costs for heating of greenhouses to effectively zero. Click below to be connected to our leadership team.

Greenhouse Interior with Planting of Several Vegetables