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Geobitmine has the Solution.

What if we could generate energy with Bitcoin Mining instead of consuming it?

Regardless of anyone’s stance on Climate Change. It is evident that Bitcoin Mining consumes more energy, globally, than New York City. This energy craving beast has caught a lot of scrutiny in recent years, but Geobitmine is one of only a handful of companies that are taking steps to do something about it. With our patent pending model, we at GeoBitmine, have the ability to return energy to the grid, during peak and non-peak hours, while mining bitcoin.

With an industry that is garnering attention from a shark like Mr. Wonderful. It is becoming ever more clear that Cryptocurrency should be on every investor’s radar. In a recent interview uploaded to his YouTube page, Kevin stated, “Mine (Bitcoin) in an ethical and efficient, sustainable manner.” he even goes as far as to predict that this is where the Bitcoin mining funding is headed. Check out his entire interview below.

Kevin discussed how hundreds of millions of dollars have been earmarked in places like west Texas for green energy mining for Bitcoin. This is exactly where we are focusing here at GeoBitmine; only Globally. We have a responsibility to our investors to create profits; however, we have a responsibility to the planet to curb this energy abuse crisis. In a recent article on Forbes.com, “Depending on bitcoin’s cost (a higher price attracts more miners), its global network sucks up between 8 and 15 gigawatts of continuous power, according to Cambridge. New York City runs on just 6 gigawatts, the nation of Belgium on 10.” So, how do we mine Bitcoin, without consuming more energy that the city of New York? Well, according to a study done by the DOE/EIA International Energy Outlook, 58 percent of power generated goes unused or is wasted. That is an exorbitant amount.

58 percent of power generated goes unused or wasted

At GeoBitmine, we are utilizing bitcoin mining pods housed on-site, with our systems running on excess power during non-peak hours, adjusting autonomously with your needs using our patent pending software. Bitcoin mining stations have garnered a reputation of being massive, space encumbering, facilities, but our pods are conveniently sized so that orders can be filled based on the needs of the individual power company and how much they are over-producing. Each pod consumes 1.25 MW of power and sites can be built with any number of pods to meet the needs of the facility or investor.

We are on the cusp of a new era in bitcoin. Like Mr. Wonderful says in his interview, “We have to position ourselves now, before the regulations.” The mining industry is consuming far too much energy. With 58 percent of the energy being produced going unused or wasted, GeoBitmine has an opportunity that is once in a lifetime. Patent Pending… Contracts in hand… Investor ready to utilize unused power, mine bitcoin responsibly, and generate gross profits for our investors.

Contracts in Hand. Investor Ready.

We are ready to fulfill orders as they come in as each site is operated independently from one another. If you’d like to learn more about our patent pending model, click the link below for a Pitch Deck and NDA.