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Solving Climate Change using Bitcoin Mining: A Piece of a Larger Puzzle

Geobitmine COO, Dan Kirk, tackles the World’s Energy Crisis at the renowned Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 17th annual Investors Summit, in Dubai.

The time has come to stop wasting the energy that the world is already producing.

The goal of green energy will come to fruition in our lifetimes; however, with the energy production methods currently in place, a staggering 58 percent of energy produced is lost, unused, or wasted, in our current system. What if we could harness this wasted energy to mine bitcoin responsibly?

Geobitmine COO, Dan Kirk, presents at the Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 17th annual Investment Summit, in Dubai, this Decemeber, 2021

Bitcoin mining is a resource heavy endeavor, a recent study done by the NY Times and covered by Business Insider, found that Bitcoin mining consumes 91 terawatts of electricity worldwide, annually. A costly punch to earth’s limited resources. What if bitcoin mining could produce energy, instead of consume it? That is the mission of Geobitmine. Watch Geobitmine COO, Dan Kirk, speak at the Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Investor Summit, in Dubai, below.

With contracts in hand and investor ready, our patent pending model can be deployed anywhere in the world. Working directly with power suppliers, our mining pods can be stationed on site, utilizing unused or would-be wasted electricity. These power suppliers can power our bitcoin mining pod stations, which adjust autonomously to their energy needs, during non-peak hours.

Climate change can be slowed.

Human beings are the most innovative species to ever walk the earth. We have found a way to light up the entire planet, and then connect each of us with the internet. All of this was done through innovation. We have the capacity to innovate our way out of this climate crisis and energy crisis and flip the bitcoin mining model on its head, Using our patent pending model, we can create green energy while mining bitcoin. We just need you, the investors.

Harnessing the power of the lightning bolt is in the future for humanity, and Geobitmine is excited for the innovators that make it happen. In the meantime, we have the capacity and resources at hand, to put to work the 58 percent of unused and wasted energy that power supply companies produce, each year, using our on-site bitcoin mining pods, increasing revenues without having to increase energy production.

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Yes, sites can be deployed anywhere in the world. Let’s get started, Together.