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What does “Organic” Bitcoin look like? Responsible Bitcoin Mining using the World’s Wasted Energy.

A look at our on-site mining pods.

The Energy Crisis of our Lifetime CAN be solved.

There is an Energy Crisis occurring in our lifetime. The International Energy Outlook 2013 (IEO2013) projected that energy consumption for the world will grow by 56 percent between 2010 and 2040. That same study found that 58 percent of energy produced will be unused or wasted. We have a growing demand for energy and a lack of infrastructure in place to employ the energy that we produce that goes unused.

At GeoBitmine, utilizing bitcoin mining pods housed on-site, our systems run on excess power during non-peak hours, adjusting autonomously with your needs using our patent pending software. Take a tour of one of our conveniently sized pods in the video below. Bitcoin mining stations have garnered a reputation of being massive, space encumbering, facilities. Our pods are conveniently sized so that orders can be filled based on the needs of the indivudal power company and how much they are over-producing. Each pod consumes 1.25 MW of power and sites can be built with any number of pods to meet the needs of the facility.

Green Bitcoin Mining

A new phrase in the era of bitcoin, operating on the philosophy of mining responsibly, using only green energy to mine bitcoin and increase profit margins. With 58 percent of energy produced going unused or wasted altogether, there is an opportunity to house our pods on a power supplier’s site and use the energy that would have gone unused, for mining, sharing profits with both the power supply companies and investors alike.

In a recent article on Forbes.com, “Depending on bitcoin’s cost (a higher price attracts more miners), its global network sucks up between 8 and 15 gigawatts of continuous power, according to Cambridge. New York City runs on just 6 gigawatts, the nation of Belgium on 10.” The power demand of bitcoin mining is an ever-growing concern for those in the crypto-space and energy sector alike.

Ask for Pitch Deck and NDA

A time where mining bitcoin responsibly, and curbing the worlds energy waste crisis, is finally at hand. With contracts in hand and ready for investors, we are prepared to step into the fray and tackle the energy crisis of our lifetime.

Let’s Get Started, Together.