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What if we Produced Energy with Bitcoin Mining instead of Consuming it?

Geobitmine is Turning the bitcoin mining model on its head.

We have returned from Dubai and do we have news to share.

Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 17th Investment Summit, held in Dubai, December 12-14, 2021, was a groundbreaking experience for Geobitmine. As one of only fifteen companies invited to pitch at this elite, invite only, gathering of investors, we are now contracts in hand and investors ready to tackle the world’s energy crisis through responsible bitcoin mining.

CEO, Jay Jorgensen, and COO, Dan Kirk, present Geobitmine’s mission to investors in Dubai

See the video below for a small sample of Geobitmine’s presentation in Dubai, which garnered a standing ovation from the crowd. It is important for us to note that we are still entertaining investors, as each site built will be its own investment opportunity that can be placed anywhere in the world. Let’s dive into our process a little more, so that you can better understand how our mission can align with your investment strategies

Bitcoin mining has proven itself to be a lucrative investment across the world, however, this power comes with a carbon cost. We understand, “where much is given, much is required,” and we are determined to one of the world’s most significant bitcoin mining operations globally, to generate long-term wealth for people and the planet. Turning the model of bitcoin energy consumption on its head isn’t a pipe dream, anymore. Using our patent-pending model, we can now work directly with power supply companies and use unused, wasted energy, to mine bitcoin, increase profits, and decrease our carbon footprint.

58 percent of all energy produced in the US goes unused or wasted.

It is known that, according to a study done by the DOE/EIA International Energy Outlook, that 58 percent of power generated goes unused or is wasted. That is a massive loss for the power companies and devastating to our environment. With our model, we can house our bitcoin mining pods on-site with the power companies and use our patent pending model to autonomously adjust mining power to adjust for the needs of the power supplier and consume the exact amount of energy they need during non-peak hours.

Once the power suppliers are generating revenue on energy that would have gone unused or wasted, they can now increase their profit margins with the same amount of energy production as before. An add-on agreement, with the power supplier and Geobitmine, will garner that with the increase in their profit margins, they reinvest in green energy initiatives and update their current infrastructure, reducing our carbon footprint.

We are at a turning point in the energy sector, and with our patent pending model, we are inviting investors to come along with us, grow as a business, generate forecastable profits, and solve the world’s energy waste crisis. Sites can be put up anywhere in the world. Let’s Save the Planet and Grow Wealth, Together.

Ask for Pitch Deck and NDA

CEO of Geobitmine, Jay Jorgensen, poses with Mohamad Al Ajmi from the private office of the Sheikh.